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    There are millions, if not billions of people that are suffering from the skin disorder, acne. There is no way to statistically know how to know the specific quantity of people that are suffering from the disease. It might be tempted to try and measure it by studying the quantity of medicines purchased related to those suffering from the acne. The ones that will need to be studied are related to treating Acne. However, it is still impossible for the researcher to measure the quantity of people suffering from the disease. Due to the fact that medicines have the tendency of treating different sicknesses. However, it is still possible to try and build the statistic about the quantity of people suffering from acne. This statistic contribute to knowing the popularity of acne.

    However, the people that specializes on the skin have come to the conclusion that about three-quarter of people that are between eleven and thirty years old are highly popular among those that suffer from acne. Different resources make this conclusion possible. Acne affect people, regardless their race or age. However, it can potentially affect adolescents and even the young adults. This does not mean that acne does not stop from affecting people in their fifties. Study have come to the conclusion that more than seventeen million Americans are suffering from acne. These people are suffering from it, at one point or the other. It is also possible to be victimized more than once by acne. There is no standard knowledge that address when acne can redevelop, even though we do know what cause it. To find out more, click here.

    Acne have the potential of affecting men and women. However, the young men are suffering from it long than women. It is because of men’s testosterone. The testosterone has higher quantities in young men than women. This worsen the acne. There are different things that contribute to knowing how common the acne is, which make it possible to determine it.It is not just common when people are going through puberty. This is not the only time that people easily attract acne. Acne can even affect infants. However, this is when their mothers have genetically passed the hormones to them before being delivered. Acne can also be visible, when stress of birth causes the baby’s body to release the hormones on its own. The acne is very popular, and should be treated either with home remedy, pharmacies or seeking medical treatments.

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